10 Horrible Images Showing The Real Life Of Mental Hospital Patients

Hospitals were the torture theaters in the 1900s. The life of patients in mental hospitals was more or less similar to the criminals in jail. Mental hospitals were full of negative vibes, hopelessness, and mistreatment. There were extra locks on the doors with padded walls and suffocating rooms.  Let’s check out few horrible images depicting the harsh reality of patients in mental hospitals.

1) Restrictions caused mental trauma to the patients.


The life of a patient in the mental hospital was very restricted. The restraints in hospitals during the 1900s added to the suffering of the patients. Instead of medications, patients were tied up with chains.

2) Senseless reasons of declaration of mental illness of patients.


People were declared as mentally challenged for illogical reasons such as jealousy, laziness, egotism, small pox etc.

3) Weird devices were used as stress reliever in the 1900s.


The slapping machine was one of the most terrible devices used to calm the patients those days. The machine not only punished the patients but sometimes also damaged their brain permanently.

4) Self-indulgence was considered as a sign of mental illness.


When mental patients were unable to control themselves, they were made to wear heavy metal inners with spikes.

5) A different kind of massage was given to female mental patients.


When female mental patients used to get nervous and irritated, they were given painful massage by doctors without their consent.

6) Mentally challenged patients were kept in stem cabinets.


Stem cabinets are used for relieving stress and inducing weight loss these days. During the 1900s, mentally challenged people were kept in stem cabinets for a long time to punish them.

7) Women used to be declared as mentally ill for absurd reasons.


If women used to study or read a lot, they were tagged as mentally disturbed and admitted in the mental hospital.

8) The number of mentally challenged people was extremely high in asylums those days.


In the 1900s, asylums were overcrowded due to which mental patients were unable to get sufficient attention and proper treatment. Sometimes, they were chained together in a room for punishment.

9) Weak students were also sent to asylums.


Kids with learning disorders or mental challenges were sent to asylums as a form of punishment. There was not any alternative treatment available for such kids due to which parents were left with no other option but to admit them in mental hospitals.

10) Doctors used to cure mental patients using strange therapeutic techniques.


Mental patients were made to sit in tub and water was poured over them to get rid of stress. This technique is known as Hydrotherapy.


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