Classic Fairy Tales that are actually kind of disturbing

Little Red Riding Hood


Early versions of what is one of the most classic fairy tales ever have some pretty sketch shit going on. One version has he wolf chopping up the grandma and tricking the little girl into eating her remains. Other versions of this story talk about the girl being eaten by the wolf while she sleeps in her grandma’s bed.

Chicken Little


This tale originated under the name “Henny Penny.” The story follows a chick who had an acorn fall on his head. Believing that he sky is falling, he runs around convincing other animals to head over to the king and tell him the news of the sky. Unfortunately, the animals get lured into a Fox den and eaten alive.

Hansel and Gretel


The theory is that this fairy tale refers to a baker who’s rival was so jealous of her ginger bread cookies that she convinced the town that she was a witch. The townsmen then chased her down and burned her alive in her own baking oven. Some early versions of this tale involve Hansel and Gretel slitting the witches throat.

The Frog Prince


Some early versions of this tale consist of the frog transforming into a prince not from a kiss, but from being decapitated by the princess. The Grimm’s version of the tale has the frog turning into a prince after the princess slams it against the wall.



The original Grimm version of this tale speaks of a man who promises the king that if his daughter isn’t able to weave straw into gold he will kill her. The girl makes a deal with an imp that if he weaves the straw into gold she will give him her first born. He does it, but the girl won’t give it up. The imp agrees to let go of the deal if she can guess his name. After some snooping, the girl catches him singing his name, so the next day she comes over and tells him that she knows it. After she tells him, he loses is damn mind and tears his own body in half in front of her.

The Pied Piper


Early versions of this classic fairy tale have the pied piper leading the children of the town through a forest to a river in which they all drown. There are also modern scholars who suggest that there are connotations of pedophilia in some earlier versions of the tale.

The Ugly Duckling


The original version of Hans Christian Andersen’s wonderful tale consists of a little duckling being harassed by all of the other animals in it’s barn. He then escapes to go live with some ducks and geese who unfortunately get slaughtered by hunters. He’s then given a new home with an old woman, but unfortunately he gets further harassed by a cat and hen. The duckling then spends the entire Winter sad and alone before returning to hang out with the swans in the Spring.

The Three Little Pigs


There are early versions of this classic English tale that speak of the wolf eating the first two pigs after he destroys their houses.




Italian writer Giambattista Basile’s early version of this classic fairy tale talks about a king who ‘takes advantage’ of a girl who is in a deep sleep. She then gives birth to his baby while she’s still sleeping, and is awoken when the baby sucks a splinter out of her finger that was keeping her asleep somehow. That same king then kills his wife to be with the sleeping girl.


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