Stay the night in these weird and wacky hotels

V8 Hotel Motorworld Region Stuttgart – Stuttgart, Germany


A modern, 4-star hotel featuring rooms with a Bauhaus design or original motoring theme. Located 30 minutes from the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Museums the V8 Hotel Motorworld is a great destination for car lovers.

Dog Bark Park Inn – Idaho, USA


The Dog Bark Park Inn is a bed and breakfast featuring a guesthouse in the World’s Biggest Beagle.

Caravane Airstream Américaine 1976 – Nantes, France


An original 70s’ Airstream set in a flowered garden and decorated with a vintage style.

The Grand Canyon Caverns – Peach Springs, USA


Spend a night in one of the deepest, darkest, and quietest hotels in the World. The largest dry cavern in the United States is 220 feet underground and features 2 double beds.

Yellow Submarine – Liverpool, UK


This Beatles & 1960’s Mod culture themed houseboat is situated in Liverpool’s famous Albert Dock. The Yellow Sub features a stylish interior with film and music memorabilia and designer furniture.

Hotel Parchi Del Garda – Italy


Located at the heart of Lake Garda’s main theme parks, Hotel Parchi Del Garda features 4D experience rooms that come to life with special effects and animatronics.

The Crane Hotel – Harlingen, the Netherlands


A one room hotel that sleeps two people and allowing visitors to operate the giant crane and spin 360 degrees for incredible views.

Arsenal Park – Transylvania, Romania


A military themed hotel featuring a military museum plus a modern spa area as well as games like paintball and airsoft.

Das Parkhotel – Germany


The Parkhotel’s rooms are round like a barrel and they will provide you with maximum comfort in a minimal amount of space.

Jumbo Stay – Stockholm, Sweden


This unique property is set in a former Boeing 747 jumbo jet, right next to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.


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