This Photographer Transforms Ordinary Women Into Supermodels

33-year-old Chrissie Sparks from Birmingham is a photographer and the owner of her own photo studio, “The Doll’s House.” Her specialty is turning ordinary women into models worthy of glossy magazine covers. In the space of three years, she arranged photo sessions for more than 1,300 clients. Just look at how outstanding the results were!

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“Almost all the women that come to us are very nervous at first, but my team and I work hard to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for them.”


“Many women want a set of beautiful photographs in fabulous surroundings and garments as a keepsake for their own satisfaction and as a confidence booster.”

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“This is Laura. Most people will hardly recognize their neighbor or co-worker at the office from this photograph. Instead, they’ll probably assume she’s a movie star.”



“I believe that with the right posing, lighting, and styling, I can bring out the best in a woman’s beauty.”

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“We help women seen themselves in the best possible light.”

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“Seeing the women so happy with the final results makes the long hours and huge personal investment into the business worth every bit.”


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