Illustrated Mashups of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as Pop Culture Icons

Where would Princess Leia be without Darth Vader? Or how about Spongebob without Patrick? Or the Mad Hatter without the Queen of Hearts? They just wouldn’t be themselves. In some strange way, these characters need each other to get by.

Perhaps the same is true of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Maybe the need each other to get by.

“Trump X Hillary: I Love to Hate You” is a project that perfectly sums up our feelings towards the American presidential election. This race is utter madness. Created by Brazilian artist Butcher Billy, the series is a clever play on Trump vs. Hilary and every pop culture duo you could hope to see them impersonate.

So would these two candidates be the same without each other? We think Billy might be right. These two characters seem to need each other.

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