19 Celebrities Who Age Gracefully

#19 Angela Bassett


Net worth: $28 Million
Age: 57

With the few wrinkles and flawless skin, you might imagine Angela stopped aging at 40 years of age.

There are no rumors or argument about whether she has had any work done which goes on to show just how naturally and gracefully she is aging.

She still looks beautiful and will pass for a woman much younger.

#18 Michelle Pfeiffer


Net worth: $80 Million
Age: 58

Michelle decides to age gracefully when she acknowledged her age.

Since everyone knows she is 58, there is no need trying to look younger because she is no longer a young woman but that does not stop her from looking gorgeous.

#17 Meryl Streep


Net worth: $75 Million
Age: 66

Even at 66, her smile lights up her face making her beautiful throughout the ages.

She is a Hollywood icon, successful at most things and it is undeniable that she is aging gracefully.

#16 Betty White


Net worth: $45 Million
Age: 94

At 94 years, Betty still talks, moves and laughs just like she used to do and has never thought so much about her age.

It seems to be what is keeping her young and she has accomplished a lot to give her piece of mind.

#15 Andie MacDowell


Net worth: $15 Million
Age: 58

Maybe it is her great career, beautiful smile or the charming personality but Andie is one of the most beautiful confident 58 year olds you will run to in the world of celebrities.

#14 Emma Thompson


Net worth: $45 Million
Age: 57

One good inspiring thing about people who do not try hard fiddling with solutions to look 30 in their 60s is the confidence.

They are willing to age naturally and while it is clear from their face that they have lived the years, the fine wrinkles never mask a fair beautiful young face.

Emma is such women and even at 57, she is still youthful, strong and confident.

#13 Jamie Lee Curtis


Net worth: $35 Million
Age: 57

It is evident that Jamie Lee has lived all of her 57 years old but aging gracefully is never about looking younger than your age.

It is about maintaining that authenticity, looking beautiful and embracing your changes with natural ways such as healthy eating, exercising and skin care.

She is confident, beautiful, responsible and original.

#12 Juliane Moore


Net worth: $50 Million
Age: 55

The definition of aging gracefully is embracing your looks and age not worrying about what others do that you would never do.

Moore is the definition of beauty and elegance.
Even at 55, she still spins heads whenever she walks into any room as her class, confidence and charm is simply on another level.

She has never considered Botox and considers aging nothing to worry about.

#11 Kim Cattrall


Net worth: $75 Million
Age: 59

If there is one woman that does not care about the current obsession with remaining youthful, it is Kim Cattrall.

While her role in Sex and the City revealed her sexy young side, she knows she cannot remain that way forever.

This may be partly because you can barely tell she is 59; she easily passes as a woman in her early 40s at most.

#10 Sharon Stone


Net worth: $60 Million
Age: 58

Sharon stone is still one very beautiful youthful looking woman at 58 years old.

While it is evident she has had some interventions to keep herself young and youthful, she leaves some wrinkles on just to keep it natural.

She sees no need to pass for 20 years at 58 yet acknowledges that you can still be beautiful during old age.

#9 Susan Lucci


Net worth: $45 Million
Age: 69

Although Susan has had some Botox and interventions to hide her age, she has done this perfectly and you will not see a wreck on her face.

Her late 30s look is something that still captivates many even though the icon is drawing nearer to her 70s.

#8 Geena Davis


Net worth: $30 Million
Age: 60

Back when Geena did Beetlejuice, it became a classic partly because her gorgeous face just charmed everyone.

Now that she is 60, it is hard to believe that any change has occurred aside from a few fine wrinkles.

What’s more, there are no rumors about her having surgical procedures yet she is still as fair as most women are in their prime 30s.

#7 Helen Mirren


Net worth: $50 Million
Age: 70

It is difficult to tell that Helen Mirren is 70 although she has never had any plastic surgery in her life.

However, she is open to the idea and confessed that she may have some work done soon as she crosses into her 70s.

Her bright smile and classy demeanor will have you thinking she is in her early 40s at most.

#6 Sigourney Weaver


Net worth: $50 Million
Age: 66

One thing why people love Sigourney Weaver is because she is a natural beauty.

Even at 66, she still looks great and has never tried to hide the laugh lines because she has “earned” them in her lifetime.

According to her, skin care and exercise is enough to keep you looking beautiful and young without resorting to surgery.

#5 Rene Russo


Net worth: $40 Million
Age: 62

She is still as charming as a woman in her 30s and always wears that happy smile that compliments her learn in-shape body although she has now lived 62 years.

She is definitely atop the list of celebrities that are aging gracefully and seems to have landed a youth fountain she is keeping for herself.

#4 Christie Brinkley


Net worth: $80 Million
Age: 62

When she was one of the most beautiful women in the world a few decades ago, it was hard to ignore her.

It is even harder now that she is 62 yet still very gorgeous.

What’s more, she says nothing has been done and her youthful looks are natural.

#3 Raquel Welch


Net worth: $30 Million
Age: 75

Raquel looks too good and most people will agree that no single natural solution has been invented to keep you this good at 75.

While she may have had some work done; maybe Botox or surgery, she definitely looks great, happy and confident.

#2 Ellen Degeneres


Net worth: $330 Million
Age: 58

They say happiness is the key to remaining young and strong; no one is a fulfillment of this truth better than Ellen.

Most of the fans who watch her show will be ready to contest that she is 58 years.

Her strength, smile and determination to make people happy seem to work pretty good in keeping her young.

#1 Jane Fonda


Net worth: $120 Million
Age: 78

While Jane has had a controversial past and some think she does not look great for a 78 year old, she does look fit, strong, young and very beautiful.

She also enjoys her life fully but lives in moderation and you would never tell she is 78 if you met her anywhere any day.


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