People of history who have mysteriously disappeared

Amelia Earhart


Amelia Earhart has been missing since 1937, and her last known whereabouts was somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. At just 39 years of age, Amelia was set to fly around the entire world before mysteriously disappearing along with her navigator Fred Noonan on July 2nd, 1937.

Harold Holt


The 17th Prime Minister of Australia went missing in 1967. After going for a swim at Cheviot Beach, Victoria, he simply vanished. His body was never found and he was declared dead two days later. Although the official report says that he died of accidental drowning, there are plenty of theories that suggest he faked his own death.

D.B. Cooper


D.B. Cooper was an air pirate. He was a man who in Thanksgiving Eve of 1971, hijacked a plane, demanding $200,000, parachutes, and a refueling truck waiting for them upon arrival a Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Once they landed, the exchange was made and refueling of the plane began. He then told the crew to take him to Mexico City. About half an hour into the flight, he jumped out of the plane into the night, with his money and his parachute, and was never seen or heard from again. Nobody knows his real name, whether or not he survived the jump, or where he is today.

Jimmy Hoffa


Last known to be in a parking lot in Detroit on July 30th 1975, many people around the world believe that Hoffa was offed by the mob. Despite being declared dead 8 years after going missing, his body is still nowhere to be seen. This, of course, led to a bunch of rumours as to where his body may be. From under section 107 at the former Giants Stadium in Jersey, to stuffed in the concrete foundation of the Renaissance Center in Detroit, the rumours of his whereabouts have no shortage. However, nothing has been proven, and to this day, he is still missing.

Henry Hudson


The British navigator who Canada’s Hudson Bay is named after went missing in 1611. It is generally assumed that his death was a result of a mutiny during his fourth expedition. It us unclear whether or not this is true, however, as some people believe he was murdered by his crew while others believe he simply got lost when looking for help after he and his crew got stuck in some ice.


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