Lisa’s a real life, squirrel-whispering, Disney princess (22 Photos)


Hold on to your nuts (peanuts, almonds, etc..), because Disney princesses are real and they love squirrels. Or at least Lisa does. She’s got an Instagram full of pictures and videos of her shenanigans with the furry animals, and she’s seriously some kind of squirrel-whisperer, and with her blue eyes and blonde hair, she’s just about as gorgeous as they get.


Living in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, she’s got two rescues that she’s been raising, but she also has a strange ability to get wild squirrels to come eat right out of her hand.

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And apparently they like pizza.

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Someone even photoshopped her into a picture of Marvel’s Squirrel Girl.


On top of being the kindest human being to squirrels, she’s also insanely hot.

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And she loves mermaids (which I didn’t realize was a secret fantasy of mine until right now).


Ah, to be a squirrel…


Your banana is closer then you think

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