30 Stunning Photos That Prove Dubai is the Craziest City in the World

Dubai is one of the Arab Emirates, where life is all about eccentricity and luxury. In just thirty years, the old fishing village has turned into the richest and most incredible city in the world. There are plenty of legends about its bizarre architecture and crazy lifestyle.

We gathered 30 amazing photos that will show you why the words ’’Dubai’’ and ’’luxury’’ are virtually synonyms.

This is what Dubai will look like from above in the near future


The unusual appearance is all down to the special technology the city uses to create man-made islands


The result is something like this:

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But the sea is just one of Dubai’s many attractions. In this city, you also have the chance to live up in the clouds:

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Seriously, has there ever been a more gorgeous place to live than this?

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The golf courses also impress thanks to their sheer size

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Local restaurants are always open for guests

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Shop windows in the malls shine day and night

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There’s entertainment to be found for all tastes


Moreover, Dubai is a paradise for fans of luxury cars


…And for those who love extraordinarily luxurious cars

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In a city owning an exotic pet is a status symbol, riding with a potentially deadly cheetah is Dubai’s version of being seen with a supermodel or famous celebrity.


And it’s the only place in the world where the police drive a Lamborghini



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