Adorable tiny animal tattoos for your inner

Tiny animal tattoo inspiration for your next inking… If your love of animals is bigger than your love of anything else in the world then it’s probably about time you marked your body permanently to make sure everyone knows your feelings. Not only are these tattoos super tiny, cute and adorable but they also feature … Continued

A Study Has Revealed Why Being Too Macho Will Make You Unhappy

The blueprint of masculinity is outdated. The emergence of the Access Hollywood tape featuring Trump speaking in derogatory terms about women, the allegations of sexual assault, and his eye-roll inducing excuse of “locker room talk” have well and truly brought the issue of toxic masculinity into the public arena. And as if the prospect of … Continued

A woman is suing KFC for £16m because

A woman is suing KFC for £16m because her family bucket of chicken was only half full. This is what happens when your bucket doesn’t overfloweth. This could be the most financially lucrative takeaway she ever ordered. A woman is suing KFC because the bucket of chicken she received at her local restaurant wasn’t as nearly ~big … Continued

A Fat Tabby Cat and Her Human Create Real-Life Versions of Virtual Facebook Pusheen Stickers

Julien Therrien, a writer for Les Populaires, recruited his fat cat Jackie to assist him in creating real life versions of the otherwise virtual but incredibly popular Pusheen Facebook stickers. Therrien and Jackie perfectly captured the essence of Pusheen, as demonstrated with side-by-side comparisons in the photos. (translated)This is my cat Jackie. She’s between 6 … Continued

Little Things To Make You Smile This Week

It’s not all bad! We all know the world is a bit sad at the minute. Brexit, elections, climate change, IT’S ALL TOO MUCH. So here’s a bunch of just genuinely lovely things that have happened, to provide a little relief from it all. Who knows, maybe you’ll even crack a smile. 1. This lovely … Continued

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