The Sexiest Thing You Can Say To Him (Based On His Zodiac Sign)

Looking to spice up your love life in bed? Of course you are! Who isn’t? Everybody could use a little help in the bedroom. Even if you think that you and your beau’s sex life couldn’t possibly get any steamier, you might be wrong. I mean, there’s always room for improvement! Why settle for mediocre or … Continued

Funny videos 2016 : Stupid people doing stupid things

Funny videos 2016 : try not to laugh, smile, or grin while watching this funniest video ever of stupid people doing stupid things compilation. This video is so hilarious and impossible to not laugh includes funny vines, funny pranks and funny fails

This 16-year-old woke up from a coma speaking only Spanish — which he never spoke before

Head injuries are a dangerous possibility when playing contact sports—particularly concussions. One sophomore at Parkview High School in Georgia knows this all too well when gets hit in the head, suffering histhird concussion after getting kicked in the head during a soccer game. After the incident, 16-year-old, Reuben Nsemoh, was immediately airlifted to Atalanta Medical. His coach, … Continued

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