Who was the hottest girl in Hollywood the year you were born?

1950- Esther Williams Not only was Williams a famous actress, but she was also a competitive swimmer and was known for roles in “aquamusicals.” 1951- Vivian Leigh Leigh starred in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and was also Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind.” 1952- Grace Kelly Kelly’s fame resounded through the 50s until she … Continued

12 Genius Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

Sometimes the best solutions to our biggest beauty annoyances are surprisingly simple. If you think you’ve already got a bag of beauty tricks, well, it’s time to get a bigger bag. We asked top experts for their best makeup and hair tips to help you look gorgeous. They cut down your get-ready time, too, because … Continued

Photographer Captures Soulful Portraits Of Dogs Enjoying Autumn

Anne Geier, a photographer from Austria, has a beautiful gift of capturing soulful portraits of dogs. Some of her best work is created in autumn, thanks to the golden colors and a misty weather adding a perfect magical atmosphere, which makes the portrait stand out even more. Anne Geier has kindly agreed to talk to Bored … Continued

15 ways to guarantee you won’t become a millionaire

We’ve cued you in on steps to take to get rich — but which choices will stunt your path to wealth? Here, we rounded up habits, beliefs, and traits that self-made millionaires and authors have identified as inhibiting if you want to build wealth. As always, no promises of future riches or predictions of the future, but steering clear … Continued

20+ Of The Most Creative Halloween Costume Ideas Ever

I Love This Halloween Costume My Daughter And I Are Ready For Halloween… Or The Apocalypse Created A Mask Of My Face For Halloween Check Out This Awesome Snake Costume My Wife Made For Our Daughter This Little Kid Ruled His Halloween School Party My Friend’s Halloween Costume Last Year Three Great Sims Cosplays Wooden … Continued

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