I Create Surreal Photos Of My Pets Using Photoshop

I’m a UK based photographer called Tracy Willis and I create artwork from many different shots taken both on my Canon 5D Mark III and my iPhone SE. I am always grabbing pictures of random things when I am out and about luckily my friends and family have gotten used to this. The final images … Continued

10+ Dogs With Eyebrows

Dogs don’t have eyebrows like us humans, but have you ever wondered what they’d look like if they did? Well take a look at these hilarious pictures and wonder no more. The list only confirms what we already thought. Dogs look ridiculous with eyebrows. But they also look pretty funny, not least because those two little … Continued

“Air Swimmers” Are Probably The Coolest Balloons Ever!

These balloons are perfect to start your pilot career. You can steer it with a remote control from up to 40 feet away – they move up, down and can rotate 360 degrees. Also, it poses no threat to expensive vases around the house, because the body is made from durable nylon and simply bounces … Continued

You Can Fix Wet Book Pages With This Simple Life Hack From Japan

Getting caught in the rain when you’re walking home from school is pretty annoying, but at least you can dry yourself afterwards. But what about your school books? They don’t dry so easily, and when they do their pages are generally warped and curled forever afterwards. But did you know that there’s a cheap and … Continued

Margot Robbie Plays A Hot Librarian In This Video Sketch

Australian actress Margot Robbie has poked fun at the typical “sexy librarian” stereotype in a sketch that quickly became disturbing during the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. The 26-year-old actress begins the sketch working as an attractive librarian as college students watched on — but things quickly change. The group of men were shocked … Continued

This British Beauty Blogger Looks Exactly Like Kim Kardashian

Thanks to the abundance of Kardashian apps, Kylie lip kits, and clothing lines, looking like a member of the famous family is easier than ever. But save for some pretty extensive plastic surgery, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be mistaken for Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and the like anytime soon. This British beauty blogger, however, is turning … Continued

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