Test: Discover How People See You and Who You Are in Reality

Today we invites you to take this simple yet very accurate psychological test that will reveal some interesting facts about you. It works best when you follow the instructions without cheating. So are you ready? Instructions: Take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Write down 3 animal names in the following order: Your favorite animal. An animal you’d prefer to have as a pet. Your second favorite … Continued

10+ Awkward Vintage Photos Of Men Posing With Their Cats

If you still think posing with cute kitties is for girls, think again, because these vintage snaps will prove otherwise! The guys in these photos below have left an important message for generations to come, and the message is yes, guys and cats do go together. These brave gentlemen were not afraid to get in … Continued

Artist Turns Old CDs Into Amazing Sculptures

A broken CD isn’t much good to anyone. Unless you’re Sean Avery that is. Because while most of us would just throw them in the trash, the South Africa-born, Australia-based artist turns them into various dazzling animal sculptures. He makes them by gluing CD shards to wire mesh frames shaped like different animals, and as … Continued

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