Meet Nochtli: Former police officer (25 Photos)

Nochtli Peralta Alvarez is a Dutch/Spanish model based out of Amsterdam. She was formally a police officer, where I’m guessing she arrested some very willing criminals day in and day out. “I started working as a police officer when I was 17 years old, and I worked there for 6 years until I was 23. … Continued

The 20 Most Stunning Works of Street Art We’ve Seen Lately

’For the city, and for the world’ – you might characterise a lot of street art as being underpinned by this idea. Often, the work of street artists is unambiguous, drawing attention to the social problems which afflict our society the world over. Sometimes they bring out the beauty of the urban landscape, recasting it into something wonderful. The wonder of street art is to be found in the … Continued

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