This Girl Spent a Year Buying Only Absolute Necessities — Here’s How Much She Saved

Michelle McGagh worked as a financial journalist for 10 years, but she had difficulty planning her own budget. She thought it unfair to tell others how to save money and yet spend it on useless trifles herself. That’s why she decided to carry out an experiment and buy only the absolute necessities for a full year. She made do with little: she wore clothes she already had … Continued

25 Fun Animal Comics By Russian Artist Duo Lingvistov

“I’ve been drawing my whole life, but I have never studied art, as my mother didn’t allow it,” the illustrator Landysh told Bored Panda. “However, that never stopped me from doing it”. She would draw anywhere she could think of – from walls to ceilings – until eventually, she launched an online shop. It wasn’t … Continued

20 Incredible Photo Restorations That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Sometimes a photo can be the last physical link between two people, but with time it can be lost forever due to spillages, tears, and other threats. This is where restoration experts come into play, and few are as good as the Ukrainian Tetyana Dyachenko. Using her exceptional Photoshop skills, Dyachenko recovers extremely fine details … Continued

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