Mr. Bean’s Daughter: Expectation vs. Reality

Who out there hasn’t heard of Mr. Bean? The eternally charming Rowan Atkinson long ago won our adoration with his peculiar facial expressions and ridiculous antics. But our focus isn’t on the man himself today but instead on his 20-year-old daughter Lily. According to the old saying, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Well, let’s see if that … Continued


Tough week? We have just what you need. This lineup of cute, baby animals will make your day a million times better. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and visit the “r/Aww” subreddit over here on Reddit. It’s a magical kingdom full of adorable baby animals and all things that make you go … Continued

Lady Gaga has a mental illness and struggle with that every day

Lady Gaga on developing PTSD after being raped. Lady Gaga has recently revealed that she suffers from PTSD and has been for the past eleven years. She came forward about how she was raped by a music producer, 20 years older than her, back when she was a teenager but the 30-year-old has only now publicly admitted … Continued

7 Amazing Animal Cafés From Around the World

Animal cafés have sprung up around the world in the last few years. Get a coffee or a meal and hang out with adorable animals, many of whom have been rescued or are up for adoption. It’s an awesome new development in the cuddling industry, and anything that helps animals get into good homes is … Continued

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