23 Most Expensive Plastic Surgeries

#23 Blake Lively, $7,300 Blake Lively, known for her character Serena van der Woodsen, from the popular TV series Gossip Girl, always looked beautiful, but yet opted for rhinoplasty and also laser skin treatments to get rid of her blemishes and freckles. Later she spent about $3, 000 or more for a blepharoplasty surgery to … Continued

What Would The Nativity Scene Look Like If Jesus Was Born In 2016

Have you ever wondered what the nativity scene would look like if Jesus was born in 2016? We haven’t either. But Casey Wright did. Now, three wise men are bringing Amazon Prime gifts on Segways, Joseph is rocking a man bun and taking a selfie of himself, Mary (who is doing the infamous “duckface”, showing … Continued

20 Highest Paid Models

#20 Anja Rubik, $3.5 Million Anja Rubik is a Polish beauty who currently makes about $3.5 million a year, earning her a spot among the highest paid models. She has appeared in ads for Massimo Dutti, Marc Jacob and Forever 21. She also owns a fragrance line, which contributes to her significant earnings. #19 Jourdan … Continued

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