The 24 Most Awesome Older Men We’ve Ever Seen

It seems that age is no obstacle if you’re born with a natural instinct for style. In fact, in such cases it seems the older a person gets, the more charming they become. Here are 22 photos which prove that even when a man is old enough to collect a pension, he can still look fantastic. Be like these guys, and don’t get lazy, gentlemen! source

10 Actors Who Can Transform Themselves Into Literally Anyone

Many actors dread being typecast. But unless they have the talent to take on diverse roles, this can prove a struggle — good makeup just isn’t enough to stop us seeing the same personality shining through. Take a look at some of the true masters of reinvention. Gary Oldman Dracula, True Romance, The Fifth Element, Interstate 60, Harry Potter Helena Bonham Carter Fight Club, Planet of the … Continued

I Photograph Dogs As If They Were Humans

I am Sandra Müller, a 22 years old photography-student from Nuremberg in Germany. For my photo series “HUDOGS” I photographed about 30 dogs so far. I wondered what my dog Maja would look like if she was a human. So I choose an individual outfit for every dog, matching to its characteristics and originalities. A … Continued

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