15 Coolest Coffee Mugs

I’m on the record as thinking that people who are obsessed with coffee can be real trash piles. That’s why I like a nice direct and openly hostile coffee mug. Let’s take some of the pretension out of this coffee business. Nothing wakes me up like 1. Caffeine, or 2. Pounding your dumb face in. … Continued

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5 Stupid Tech Innovations Absolutely Nobody Asked For

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it – just ask whoever invented barbed wire tattoos. And just because you have an engineering background and an overactive imagination doesn’t mean you should construct every batshit gadget that pops into your crazy head. That’s how we ended up with these crimes against logic … Continued

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Why did this man book a plane seat for his terrifying toy doll?

The more traditional complaints of peeved air passengers are usually that of a neighbour’s girth spilling into surrounding seats or of long-running, silent battles of the central armrest, rather than the fact one of your fellow fliers has booked a ticket for his creepy doll and it is the stuff of absolute nightmares. That was … Continued

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