Simpsons Illustrator Shows What Would Happen If Animals Celebrated Halloween

Elizabeth (Liz) Climo, the talented illustrator, is back with adorable Halloween-themed illustrations of her cartoon animals. Her cute and simple comics imagine the everyday problems and moments that animals might face if they interacted with each other the way we do.

When she isn’t drawing animal cartoons, Climo works as a character artist and storyboard revisionist for The Simpsons. “My day job can be pretty demanding, so it’s hard enough just finding the time to do these comics,” she writes on her website. She creates children’s books with her art and sells greeting cards as well.

The story of how she got to create these delightful comics and work for The Simpsons is also an inspiring one: “I studied Art at San Jose State University but was rejected when I applied to the school of Animation. Then, two weeks later, I got a job on The Simpsons. The lesson? Stay in school – unless the school doesn’t want you and you get a job offer. In that case pack your bags and don’t look back.”

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