This is the real-life steampunk amusement park we’ve all been waiting for

This mechanical theme park and artistic project located in France is full of all sorts of wacky and wonderful constructs that you need to check out.

Steam what, you ask? Steampunk is a sci-fi sub-genre which takes inspiration from the nineteenth-century industrial era. The genre usually falls under a Victorian England category, or an American wild west setting. Steampunk inspires cosplay, novels, and now, even an amusement park.

The park which intertwines the river Loire is named ‘Les Machines de l’île‘. It describes itself as “…the crossroads of Jules Verne’s ‘invented worlds,’ the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci, and of Nantes’ industrial history.”

The structures within the park are all in a ‘natural state’, with the mechanical workings and structural mechanisms on display. The creative workshop of La Machine is also open as an educational and (more importantly) entertaining facility.

The aim of the having these structures on display is to explain their mechanisms and their development while bringing them to life. During tours, the mechanical animals also sporadically arise.

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When visiting France, this park is a must, particularly to experience the twelve metre (forty foot) high ‘Grand Élephant’. This enormous beast is a mechanical wonder which you can actually hitch a ride on (for approximately thirty minutes).


If that isn’t enough, you can take a whirl on a triple leveled ‘Carrousel Des Mondes Marins’. Each level is individually dedicated to underwater themes including the Seabeds, the Abyss, and the Sea Surface – complete with scary fish and manta ray.

This world of machinery is aimed to entertain and intrigue the whole family. The park encourages parents and children to be awakened by this universe.

Don’t forget to check out the gift shop, which is full of original creations such as drawings, artwork, and books inspired by Les Machines de l’île.


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