Why Donald Trump Avoids Talking About His Daughter Tiffany

Get to know the potential next president of the U.S. with this gallery of 34 things you didn’t know about Donald Trump’s kids – and find out the shocking reason he avoids speaking about one of them…

1. The Trump Family


A great family photo, right? But wait ’til you find out more about them… and the mystery about Trump’s lesser-known daughter.

2. Meet Donald Trump Jr…


Donald is 38 years old, is married with 5 kids and works as Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization. He is Trump’s oldest child from his first marriage to former model Ivana Zelníčková. He has been in a number of controversies including gun control. The recent controversy surrounding gun control in the U.S. clearly hasn’t got as far as Donald Trump Jr’s house – he recently said in an interview that he has “a thousand rounds of ammunition in [his] vehicle at all times.”

3. He Loves To Hunt


Here is Donald with younger brother Eric, showing off one of their kills – a leopard they shot in Africa. Donald defended their actions, saying “I can assure you it was not wasteful. The villagers were so happy for the meat which they don’t often get to eat. Very grateful.”

4. A Job From Dad


Despite gaining a degree in business studies from the University of Pennsylvania, Donald has never actually had to lower himself to undertake the interview process like the rest of us – he got his ready-made career working for in real estate from Donald Sr.

5. He Supports Gay Marriage


Trump’s eldest son has been surprisingly vocal about his support for gay marriage… much to the disgust of a lot of his father’s right-wing followers…

6. He Wants Weed Legalised


This one may also come as a surprise – wonder what his dad thinks?!

7. He’s Not a Fan of Hipsters…


Seems a tad harsh…

8. He’s Fluent in Czech


Donald Jr. has said he was close to his maternal grandfather growing up, and, as a result, is fluent in the language.

9. He Met His Wife Through Dad


Donald Sr. introduced his son to his now-wife after seeing her walk the runway at a fashion show. Bit creepy…

10. Meet Barron Trump


10-year-old Barron is Donald’s son with current wife Melania.

11. He Could Become the First Son


If Donald does become president, young Barron will become the nation’s first First Son in the White House.

12. He Has Exacting Standards


According to mother Melania, the 10-year-old will not have any kind of childish patterns on his bedspreads, insisting instead that they are “clean and white”.

13. He Has His Own Floor


Barron has a whole floor of the family mansion to himself, though his parents have stated he does not have a nanny.

14. He’s Big On Sport


According to Donald, Barron is a “natural athlete” and enjoys playing golf as well as baseball and tennis.

15. Meet Ivanka Trump


Ivanka is Trump’s second born child with first wife Ivana. She is 34 years old and is married with 3 kids.

16. She Was a Teen Model


Back in the day, she modelled for publications such as Elle and Glamour.

17. Her Celebrity Crush


She has stated in interviews that her celebrity crush is actor Joaquin Phoenix.

18. Her Father’s Creepy Comments


Trump has said some pretty creepy stuff about his pretty oldest daughter, including this quote during a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone: “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father …”

19. Her Net Worth


She has a whopping net worth of $150 million.

20. She Defends Her Father’s Campaign..


Despite the ongoing accusations of racism and sexism in his presidential campaign, Ivanka has defended Trump by saying: “Look, my father is very blunt. He’s very direct.”

21. It’s All Her Fault !


It was reportedly Ivanka who encouraged her father to launch his campaign for the presidency.

22. She’s Popular


As well as reportedly being Trump’s favourite child, Ivanka also seems to be the most popular of the family, with a successful blog and 2 million followers on Twitter.

23. Meet Eric Trump


32-year-old Eric is Trump’s third child with first wife Ivana. He is married to Lara Yunaska and lives in New York City.

24. He Broke Tradition


Eric  (and 10 year old Barron of course!) is the only one of his siblings who didn’t attend the University of Pennsylvania, the same uni Trump graduated from.

25. He’s a Philanthropist


He set up the Eric Trump foundation which has donated nearly $30 million to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in California.

26. Twitter Controversy


Just like his dad, Eric is no stranger to controversy, and caused quite a stir when he posted this seemingly threatening message to Ted Cruz.

27. He Owns a Winery


He owns and runs the successful Trump Winery, which is based in Charlottesville.

28. His Net Worth


He is reportedly worth a staggering $150 million.

29. Meet Tiffany Trump


22-year-old Tiffany is Trump’s only child with second wife Marla Maples. Guess it’s the first time you’ve heard about this gal!

30. She Wants to be….


…. well, she hasn’t really made up her mind yet. She’s probably taking more time to think things through. But who cares? She’s got a daddy who can probably take care of whatever she wants… Even throwing out cash!

31. Rich Kid of Instagram


She is known as one of the Rich Kids of Instagram – a group of girls and guys in their early twenties who record every moment of their extravagant parent-funded lifestyles online.

32. Meet Her Pals


Tiffany Trump always hangs out with other rich kids in town. The posh group ‘The Rich Kids of Instagram’ includes Kyra Kennedy (daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.), Reya Benitez (daughter of Studio 54 legend John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez), Gaia Matisse (great-great granddaughter of world famous painter, Henri Matisse) and of course, Tiffany Trump.

33. And She Loves Hanging Out With Them


And that’s what she does best. Guess daddy wouldn’t be so mad with that.

34. She Got Lucky With Vogue


She managed to score a much sought after internship at the magazine – could her big sister have put in a good word for her perhaps?! We definitely think so.

35. Viewpoint School


Donald Trump may not have been around as his daughter was growing up, but he made sure that she gets all the good things in life. That also means sending her to Calabasas’ $31,205-a-year Viewpoint School.

36. The Forgotten Sister


Despite his constant gushing about his other kids, Trump rarely mentions 22-year-old Tiffany – as a result, many people don’t even realize she exists.

37. Tiffany’s Boyfriend


Tiffany has been dating Ross Mechanic, the son son of a powerful New York real estate lawyer, since October 2015. They’re very close and he even accompanies her to her Dad’s rallies. Here they are enjoying one of their many trips away…

38.  Graduation


In May, Tiffany graduated from the University of Pennsylvania – the same place her dad studied at! Here she is with all of the fam who came to support her on her big day. Class of 2016! Let’s hope she puts her brain to good use!

39. Sibling Closeness


Tiff’s very close to her siblings and she takes her aunt duties very seriously. Here she is with Ivanka’s third child, Theodore James Kushner, who was born in March this year. Aww.

40. A Room With A View


No, we’re not joking. This exclusive panorama of the New York Skyline is actually Tiffany’s own. She lives in a prestigious upper Manhattan apartment with the most sought-after views around. Bet it’s super luxurious inside, too. What a lucky girl!!

41. She Was Raised By Her Mother


After her parents’ divorce, Tiffany grew up with her mother, who says that although Trump helped financially, she was a single mother. As a result, it has been reported that she had little contact with her father over the years, until recently when she has become more active in his political campaign.

42. Father’s Inappropriate Comment About Her


In an interview, Donald Trump gushed to say that his baby daughter is beautiful just like her mother and that she got her legs and… her boobs. Yes, that was precisely what he meant as he cupped his own ‘air boobs’.

43. Guess We’ll Get to Know More of Her


If Donald Trump successfully makes it as the next president of the United States of America, perhaps we’ll be hearing more about his kids, too. Guess Tiffany Trump will also make it to the scene.

 44. The Eldest Three Siblings Work For The Trump Organization


Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump are all executive vice presidents of the Trump Organization, but each child has his or her own speciality. We already know Ivanka and Donald Jr. are heavily involved in the real estate side of things…

45. Eric’s Role


We know about his foundations and winery work, but what about the golf ventures? In 2013, Eric joined the Trump Organization, focusing on the golf assets, and since, he’s expanded Trump’s golf courses from three to 17 worldwide! His father is apparently still hands on, calling him to discussing specifics regarding the golf courses!

46. His Fitness-Freak Wife


We forgot to mention that Eric is married! He made a Trump out of his wife Laura, associate producer of CBS’ Inside Edition, in 2014. She’s very into health and fitness, having previously worked as a personal trainer.  She even broke both of her wrists horse-riding two weeks before their wedding! They’ve yet to have kids, but their dog Charlie is something of a surrogate in the meantime.

47. Against The Release Of His Dad’s Tax Returns


Trump got himself into hot water when he didn’t release his tax returns, and because other politicians had done, he looked especially shady. He explained he thought handing them in was pointless, saying that his dad’s returns are massive, and you would have a bunch of people who know nothing about taxes”, making “assumptions on things they know nothing about”.


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