You’ll Be AMAZED When You See What This Smartphone Can Do!

New technology is a great indicator that “the future” is upon us, but this smartphone will assure you that the future is now.

The smartphones that we have been seeing in sci-fi films for years have been made a reality thanks to researchers at Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab. They call it, “the world’s first flexible and holographic smartphone.”

The smartphone is coined as the “HoloFlex,” which cleverly stands for “holographic and flexible.” Although the HoloFlex is still just a prototype, its features and sustainability suggest it won’t be a prototype for long.

“HoloFlex offers a completely new way of interacting with your smartphone,” says researcher Dr. Vertegaal. “It allows for glasses-free interactions with 3D video and images in a way that does not encumber the user.”

Check out the promotional video below and SHARE if you’re ready to make this your next smartphone!


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